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Valentine’s Day Cards that are good for the Earth and their creators!

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to give cards in the United States. In fact, 65% all of households in the United States will celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving ca give Valentine’s Day cards (that means 192 Million Valentine’s Day Cards!). As we all know too well, even children in Kindergarten hand out little Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob Square Pants Valentine’s Cards to their classmates and other little girls or boys they may fancy. Of course there is no problem with spreading a little love and cheer on Valentines’ Day, we just want to make sure cards are environmentally sound and Fair Trade! Here are some of our favorite options:

1.) Cards for Africa-

As Cards for Africa, you can guarantee your purchase is not only green (as all materials used are recycled) but also Fair Trade! And they are lovingly crafted by Rwandan children who have lost their parents to war or AIDS. The profits from the sale of these cards are donated to support the education of children from the artisans’ community. For all these reasons, these cards give back over and over again. Oprah sited them in her Top 100 Christmas gifts in the 2008 O Holiday Edition. And last but not least, these cards are beautifully designed and very reasonably priced! To see the rest of the card selection and price information, see their website.

"Bunch of Hearts" by Cards for Africa

"Bunch of Hearts" by Cards for Africa

2.)The Valentines Card that keeps giving- At Vegan Essentials.com, I was intrigued and excited to find that they have Valentines Day cards that are made from 100% Post-consumer Recycled paper and soy ink. But this is just the beginning for Vegan Essentials! As this Valentine’s card carries seeds in it, so that you can literally keep it moist and it will sprout wildflowers! You can plant your card inside your home, outside in your garden or anywhere else! This is not only a card but also flowers and I think an extremely innovative and green product everyone should be giving and getting this year! Please see their website to purchase this product!


100 % Post-consumer Recycled Paper, Soy Ink, Seed filled Valentine's Card! http://www.downbound.com/Recycled_Valintines_Card_p/tcn-s-gfpc-vdwsc.htm

3.) Make your own– As the Valentine’s Card tradition began in the 13th century as a time for young lovers’ to exchange thoughts and feelings with a card or a poem, this is a great way to make your present personal and green. You can craft a card from any recycled paper, and do your own recycling by cutting and pasting a new card from old ones! This is a fun and easy way to make your Valentine’s Day sustainable, and get extra points for the effort!

Make Valentine’s Chocolates Sweet Again: Purchase Fair Trade!

Valentine’s Day is also the 4th largest holiday for giving candy in the U.S. (38% of households give or receive chocolate during this holiday). So this year, think of not only your loved ones, but the poor children who are forced to labor for low wages, with deadly pesticides and machetes; and consider Fair Trade chocolate.

The most powerful chocolate corporations in the world all use Child Laborers and refuse to get Fair Trade certified. If consumers refused to buy chocolate that was not Fair Trade, these companies would have to agree in order to make profits. Therefore, it is in the consumer’s best interest to purchase Fair Trade chocolate.  Not only that, but it is really easy to find! Here are some of my favorite fair trade Valentines’ chocolate, but you could definitely find your own!

1.) Divine Chocolate is the most powerful Fair Trade chocolate company today, but only shares 1% of the 13 billion dollar sales of chocolate a year in the United States. Let’s increase this percentage!

Divine Valentine's Chocolates, Now available at Whole Foods and independent retailer's nationwide

Divine Valentine's Chocolates, Now available at Whole Foods and independent retailer's nationwide, see website for purchasing details.

2.) Fair Trade AND Vegan Valentine Chocolates? I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Vegan Valentine Chocolates has everything from Truffles, chocolate gift baskets, to organic perfumes and it’s all Fair Trade! So check out their website and taste this delicious dessert for yourself!


Above see "Fair Trade Vegan Organic Nuts and Chews" Chocolates, my personal favorite! http://www.garudainternational.com/5sjnutschews3.jpg

3.) Some more of the most popular Fair Trade chocolate companies include Tazo Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Kate’s Caring Gifts: Organic and Vegan Chocolates!

So check it out and get your own Vegan/Organic/Fair Trade chocolates to support the workers without power, and show those corporations who holds the power.