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Stellar Winery for a Stellar Cause!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fair Trade Fashionista* has you and your sweetie covered in the area of fine organic and Fair Trade “wining”….

Photosource: http://www.stellarorganics.com/about.php

Amid beautiful rolling hills stands Stellar Winery, the largest South African producer of fine organic wines. They process 4,500 tons of organic grapes for the South African and export markets.

Stellar became the first organic winery to receive official Fair Trade Certification from the Fair Trade Federation, and was also the first in South Africa to produce commercially viable no-sulphur-added wines!

Subsequtenly, Stellar became the largest producer of this type of wine in the world and is the largest producer of no-sulphur-added wines in the UK. Stellar has been trying to break into the US markets since last year, when they donated a couple cases to a Fair Trade Event I was working at, and let me tell you, this is some tasty stuff!

Photosource: http://www.stellarorganics.com/about.php

Stellar Winery has refused to make compromises on the organic or Fair Trade quality of their products ever since the beginning. Stellar replaces pesticides with hand picking, de-stemming, crushing the grapes with care, and immediately cooling them to zero degrees Celcius. Keeping the grapes at this low temperature inactivates bacteria and yeast, allowing Stellar to avoid the use of Sulpur dioxide (SO2). For more extended information on their wine making process, see Stellar Winery’s website, which goes into great detail for both red and white wines seperately!

However, being Fair Trade certified and Sulphur free wasn’t enough for Stellar Winery. They continue to make sure that from start to finish, the process through which their wine is produced is completely organic: They utilize a system of farming which maintains and replenishes the soil, use only indigenous vegetation for mulching, and control weeds with environmentally sound processes. All this hard work has made Stellar certified by not only USDA, but also the Control Union Certifications (an organic company supervised by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA, ensuring EU criteria for organic agriculture and production are strictly adhered to).

So purchasing Stellar Wine is not only good for the environment, and its producers, but is impressively refined enough for any wine connossieur to appreciate! Stellar Wine offers their own Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage and Cabernet Savignon, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz Rose, specialty drinks and more! Just view their website for the easily available options.

Photosource: http://www.stellarorganics.com/products.php

Above, you see a bottle of Stellar’s Merlot. Fair Trade. Organic. Ready to be consumed.

Order Stellar just in time for Valentine’s day for you and your sweetie!

Let’s put the “love” back into Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is already on my mind, and I know it is on many of yours as well! We here at Fair Trade Fashionista* would love to take some time to show you our most important Fair Trade and sustainable secrets about Valentine’s Day with you and yours!

Since the fourteenth century, Valentine’s Day has been “a festival of love,” but somehow within the past century, corporations have replaced ‘love’ with ‘greed’. While we may show our affection to loved ones with M & Ms in the United States, we are simultaneously supporting a corporation who refuses to take a stand against child laborers being used in the production of their product; children who have never even tasted the chocolate they slave for.

As consumers, we have the power to make purchases that take the power out of the hands of corporations and allows us to shape our holiday the way we want. Let’s show our love not only for those in the United States, but also for those who produce the goods we buy from Africa, Asia, or elsewhere.

There are a couple easy steps that can make anyone’s Valentine’s Day stress and conscious free. We here at Fair Trade Fashionista* have made a series about our favorite Fair Trade Valentine’s Day products and where you can get them!

So what can you do to ensure your Valentine’s Day celebration is an ethical one? (Click on the links to see the details on each topic)

1.) Buy Fair Trade/Recycled Valentine’s Cards – See blog for more details!

2.) Buy Fair Trade Valentine’s Chocolates for your loved ones – See blog

3.) Purchase Fair Trade or sustainable Flowers!

4.) Wear a special Fair Trade Valentine’s Outfit!

5.) Tell everyone you know how important it is for consumers to show corporations their ethics with their wallets! You have more power than you may think to control their actions. When you support Fair Trade and and sustainable products, you support a healthy and sustainable world.
Thank you for spending the time to read about some of our favorite products. Please comment if we’re left something out!

Can Flowers Be Fair?


A worker tends to roses at Nevado Ecuador, a farms that uses either exclusively organic or sustainable techniques in its greenhouses. Photo by Amy Stewart http://imgs.sfgate.com/c/pictures/2007/02/07/ho_flowers_valentine03.jpg

Do you even have to ask? But of course! You just have to know where to look, and that’s what we here at Fair Trade Fashionista is here for!

As there have been issues with Child Labor as well as unsafe working conditions and use of deadly pesticides in the flower industry in places such as Columbia; and 32% percent of all households in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, it is very important that we all make sure to keep our purchases of flowers sustainable and Fair Trade!

1.) “A Better World is Blooming”- This provides Fair wages to employees, most of whom are women, and allows them to “feed their families, send their children to school, invest in community development and sustainable farming methods.” When purchasing these flowers, you are investing in these women and their families future, as well as making your sweetheart smile. So why not hit two birds with one stone…or purchase?

2.) Buy Local! Here’s a website to local organic farms so that no matter where you are in the United States you can make sure to purchase local, organic and Fair Trade flowers!

3.) Buy an edible fruit arrangement! This is definitely a green alternative to disposable flowers! A bouquet of flowers that you can admire and is very tasty as well! See their options.

4.) Buy potted plants- These are just as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers do not die after a couple weeks, and give back to the environment in which they are kept. They keep inside or can be planted outside with the coming of April and spring showers!

These were just a couple ideas to get you thinking about sustainability and Fair Trade! Any more ideas or suggestiosn? Leave a comment!

Valentine’s Day Cards that are good for the Earth and their creators!

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to give cards in the United States. In fact, 65% all of households in the United States will celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving ca give Valentine’s Day cards (that means 192 Million Valentine’s Day Cards!). As we all know too well, even children in Kindergarten hand out little Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob Square Pants Valentine’s Cards to their classmates and other little girls or boys they may fancy. Of course there is no problem with spreading a little love and cheer on Valentines’ Day, we just want to make sure cards are environmentally sound and Fair Trade! Here are some of our favorite options:

1.) Cards for Africa-

As Cards for Africa, you can guarantee your purchase is not only green (as all materials used are recycled) but also Fair Trade! And they are lovingly crafted by Rwandan children who have lost their parents to war or AIDS. The profits from the sale of these cards are donated to support the education of children from the artisans’ community. For all these reasons, these cards give back over and over again. Oprah sited them in her Top 100 Christmas gifts in the 2008 O Holiday Edition. And last but not least, these cards are beautifully designed and very reasonably priced! To see the rest of the card selection and price information, see their website.

"Bunch of Hearts" by Cards for Africa

"Bunch of Hearts" by Cards for Africa

2.)The Valentines Card that keeps giving- At Vegan Essentials.com, I was intrigued and excited to find that they have Valentines Day cards that are made from 100% Post-consumer Recycled paper and soy ink. But this is just the beginning for Vegan Essentials! As this Valentine’s card carries seeds in it, so that you can literally keep it moist and it will sprout wildflowers! You can plant your card inside your home, outside in your garden or anywhere else! This is not only a card but also flowers and I think an extremely innovative and green product everyone should be giving and getting this year! Please see their website to purchase this product!


100 % Post-consumer Recycled Paper, Soy Ink, Seed filled Valentine's Card! http://www.downbound.com/Recycled_Valintines_Card_p/tcn-s-gfpc-vdwsc.htm

3.) Make your own– As the Valentine’s Card tradition began in the 13th century as a time for young lovers’ to exchange thoughts and feelings with a card or a poem, this is a great way to make your present personal and green. You can craft a card from any recycled paper, and do your own recycling by cutting and pasting a new card from old ones! This is a fun and easy way to make your Valentine’s Day sustainable, and get extra points for the effort!