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National Call to Action to demand Hersey’s receives Fair Trade certification!

To continue our spotlight on Cadbury for coming out with a Fair Trade Chocolate bar (that should be out sometime this summer! Yummy) for the U.K., Green America along with a couple powerful alibi’s announced June 23rd as a  “National Day for Action”  to demand Hersey’s jumps onboard the Fair Trade boat.


Photosource: www.tripadvisor.com

 This call will request Hersey’s Foods Corporation – one of the largest chocolate produceres in the United States and most famour for their chocolate “kisses” – abides by third party Fair Trade certification of all cocoa farms they source from. This would ensure no abusive labor practices are used, such as child labor or bonded slavery.


Photosource: www.crighana.org

*Child laborers carry baskets of cocoa on their heads

In other words, this call will ensure Hersey’s “kisses” care as much for those who produce them as those who consume them.

With partners such as the International Labour Rights Forum (ILRF), the Organic Consumer’s Association, and Global Exchange, Green America provided numbers of Hersey’s officials and even a script, so that anyone can be a labor vigilante by just picking up the phone! It only takes two minutes.

So while June 23rd has come and gone, this National Call to Action is alive and well until Hersey’s makes a move. So make the call today! Let’s work together to make Hersey’s kisses something we can enjoy from a moral and ethical standpoint as well!

Cadbury hops into Easter with Fair Trade Chocolate!


It’s almost April, and everyone knows what that means..Easter! When I was a child, Easter meant eggs in the dryer, on the porch, and under my bed, filled with wonderful jellybeans and chocolate! I loved everything about Easter except that my mother would make my sisters and I wear these bright floral patterned dresses with mismatching hats (with elastic under the chin, Ouch!) to go to church. You all know the outfits I’m talking about, probably too intimately. Definitely a fashion no-no, but we pulled them off only as adorable little children could. We’ll I’ve come a long way since those days, but I still love Easter.

That’s why I’m so excited that Cadbury has taken a step to help me love Easter even more, so I wanted to take a moment to tell all you Fair Trade Fashionista’s about the latest and greatest news in the Fair Trade world.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – A leading chocolate bar in the UK – has announced that they will use Fair Trade cocoa starting this summer. This great news for cocoa farmers, as well as the Fair Trade movement, and will result in Fair Trade chocolate making up for 15% of all chocolate sold in the UK.

Let’s use this announcement as a cause for celebration, but also as continued inspiration to keep pushing Cadbury and all the other major cocoa consumers in the US to make the same decision – use Fair Trade cocoa in the chocolate available in the US market.

We want to thank Cadbury from the bottom of our hearts for taking this step, but encourage them to further this step into the US markets.

Especially in this time when Cadbury’s popular chocolate Easter eggs are selling like hot cakes across the US , we need to make Cadbury realize how much we, as consumers, value Fair Trade here in the US.  

Cadbury needs to hear from you and thousands of others who want to know that none of their chocolate purchases are supporting exploitative child labor in the cocoa industry.

And Green America has made it even easier for you to make your voice heard by writing a letter you can sign in seconds by clicking this link.

When you sign the letter to Cadbury, you’ll not only be thanking them for their new green step overseas, but also pushing for more Fair Trade options here in the States. 

This step taken by Cadbury proves that the excuse that all other major chocolate labels hide behind –  that it’s not possible to pay a fair wage and support workers across the supply chain without passing prohibitive costs along to the consumer – is false.

And please, pass this along to everyone you know and have them sign the letter as well, because together we can change the world!