Welcome lovers of Fair Trade, sustainable living and fashion!

I have chosen to start a blog to ensure that ethical living techniques I use do not end with me! If we are going to change the way the world works and lessen the powerful grip corporations hold over our lives, we will need to do it together.

I see myself as a “vigilante consumer”, as I am a passionate fair trade activist and young college graduate. I believe that it will be bottom-up rather than top-down advocacy that will finally break the world free of corporate power. Bottom-up techniques are grass roots based, top-down techniques consist of attempts to pass government legislation, which also requires the development of some kind of enforcement mechanism, that tricky thing.

While one could find almost any product made under Fair Trade standards today, many often do not know where to look. In this blog, I will try to illustrate the places you can find products you are searching for. My main goals will be to educate, as well as inspire people to join forces in this effort to convert the world’s current consumption patterns from negatively affecting people’s lives in many developing countries, to positively affecting them. And will do so with an eye to the latest fashions.

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  1. annabellaplum

    Hello! I love your site and your aims and beliefs. I’ll add you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work!

  2. We’re with you! TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles: http://www.tammachat.com

    Check out stories about our relationships with women’s weaving groups in rural Thailand and Laos — in our Travel Blog and Artisans page. Our online shop brings these beautiful handwoven, naturally dyed and fairly traded pieces to people whom these weavers would not otherwise be able to reach.

  3. Fashionista, you have great and informative articles that fuse fashion and fair trade. I completely agree and believe that fashion forward clothing and accessories produced under fair trade conditions can compete with sweatshop and mass produced products.

    Oceans of Change is an online boutique that specializes in chic fair trade accessories. Check us out at http://www.oceansofchange.net and let me know what you think of our products and if you’d like to feature any on your blog.

    In addition, we are always looking for fabulous fair trade accessories. So I’ll be back.

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