Amazon Drops: “Good for the Body, Soul and Environment”



 So because all you Fair Trade Fashionista’s out there know that in order to look good, you also have to feel good, I thought I would take some time to tell you all about an amazing company I discovered (and now love) at the Down 2 Earth Eco-Conference in Boston called “Amazon Drops“.

“A Beauty product that is Good for the Body, Good for the Soul and Good for the Environment.”

“From the trees to the body” is a motto that would sound insincere for any company except this one. No synthetics or chemicals are added at the extrations process or in the final product. All Amazon Drops products are 100% nautral, they don’t even add water! 

Because they refuse to add water, they have not yet developed a Shampoo or Conditioner, but are working on it. I hope they let me know when they do!

Amazon Drops works with cooperatives to derive oils from wild harvested plants of the Rainforest that result in only the best skin and body care items. Their products also inherit centuries old indigenous amazonian peoples healing techniques in the recipes for her products, making them effective. 

Could Amazon Drops get any better? Sure can. They are also 100% Fair Trade. All materials used are community traded with farmers who depend on the Amazon forest for their survival. Their partnership with Amazon Drops generates alternative income and enables indigenous people to profit from their vast knowledge of the forest’s resources.

Amazon Drops products also benefit and protect the environment! Showing indigenous people that they may trade parts of trees other than timber, such as seeds, nuts, and leaves, has been proven one of the best way to encourage the preservation of the Amazon rainforest for future generations. In this way, Amazon Drops is helping to preserve the amazon rainforest “The Lung of the World”.  



They have heavenly sounding products such as a facial moisturizer, “Ykue” or “Nectar of the Gods”, as well as soaps, body balms, body oils, hair care and more!



I bought one of their “Therapeutic Oils” that helps with pain from arthritis, and skin for my mother and “Moendy”, or “Glowing”, a Revitalizing Facial Masquem, for myself.

With this triple bottom line behind this company, I do not see any reason not to love it!


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