Wake up to Fair Trade

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I don’t know many people who can make it through their busy work days or classes without a little jump start from a good ol’ cup of Joe. American’s love coffee so much that more than 77 percent of all adults of 18 — or 161 million people in the United States alone — drink coffee either daily of occasionally. With that many people drinking that much coffee, the industry must be making billions in profits. So is it compensation all people in the suply chain fairly for their hard work? The answer is precarious and of course varying. But there is not question as to whether it should, and you can make this choice for yourself now!

There is a lot of Fair Trade coffee available at local stores and even not-so-local Starbucks, one of the biggest coffee purchasers and sellers in the world. While Starbucks still carries unfairly traded, or “Free Trade” coffee, Fair Trade coffee is also now available at every Starbucks, so you just have to make sure to ask for it! By buying Fair Trade coffee you can feel positive about your purchase…every day! Also , if you are ever shopping at a grocery store and can’t seem to find even one Fair Trade coffee option – just ask for it! Most reatilers says it only takes one customer requesting a productfor them to stock their shelves with Fair Trade coffee! Even the restaurant I work at carries Fair Trade coffee now from Equal Exchange.

Fair Trade coffee ensures that coffee bean farmers are paid a fair wage and do not have to sell their product for extremely low prices to a middleman or use child labour in the process. Many coffee farmers have escaped this exploitation by starting cooperatives and working together to stand up against the big corporations. I recently discoverd one such cooperative which I was inspired by, as I’m sure you may be too. This cooperative formed during the dark years in Uganda, when conflict tore their country part. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims came together to overcome their differences and focus on their similarities.

They all belived God was their protector and savour, and then all needed to make the coffee business profitable before they starved. Their idea was a success. See this short inspirational video about the origination of “Mirembe Kawomera,” directly translated as Peace Coffee.

See how you can get Mirembe Kawomera coffee for yourself at this website.

As more and more consumers are putting their dollar where their heart is, and supporting the entire supply line, Fair Trade coffee is becoming more reasonably priced! So start your day off right, the Fair Trade way!

Tell me about your favorite Fair Trade coffee brands!


5 responses to “Wake up to Fair Trade

  1. It was great to see you mention Delicious Peace. We’ve been carrying it for around 6 months now, and it’s not just a great cause…it really is a good coffee. We have several regulars that would take nothing else (and we only sell Fair Trade coffee, so you know it’s the taste that they are going for). I would recommend checking out the other Fair Trade coffees that are roasted by Thanksgiving Coffee, but also going to the Fair Trade Federation website and searching for coffee retailers/roasters – there is a growing group of artisan coffee roasters who also belong to the FTF. We just started stocking some Columbian coffee from Kickapoo Coffee in Wisconsin.

    Oh, by the way – your link to Delicious didn’t work – I think you had the http: part repeated.

    Feel free to check out more about Global Fayre at http://www.globalfayre.com

  2. Thank you for letting me know Global Fayre!

  3. I’m working with Divine chocolate (a Fair Trade company) and we have designed an online game to coincide with the G20 and help push Fair Trade further up the agenda.

    The game is called “Egg a Politician!”


    Once you have thrown your egg, a message of support will be sent to the G20 leader of your choice.

    There isn’t much time left so please play the game and pass it on.

    Plus it’s really fun!

    Thanks so much x

    • Of course I’ve heard of Divine Chocolate Poppy! Thanks for dropping a line. I will make sure to mention it!

  4. Thanks for your support Julia! Have a good weekend x

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