Jump into Spring 09 Fashion, Ethically! Designer T-shirts at EJF

One day last week it was in the high 50s. My sister and I got very excited, as many other native New Englanders did. We put our shorts and t-shirts on, hopped on our bikes and rode down the Charles River in Boston. It was absolutely gorgeous…until the sun went down. As we shivered on the way home, it was clear we had acted too soon.

Although it is still bitterly cold some days, it is not too early to be checking out the latest trends in Spring 09 fashion! In my opinion, there is no remedy for Spring Fever like looking ahead to brighter days, hoping for the warmest weather possible, and searching for a new spring wardrobe!

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is currently working with designers to raise money to fund their work. EJF protects the environment and human rights by creating documentaries and training others to document human rights abuses.

Upon searching EJF’s Spring t-shirt collection, you will find clothing made exclusively for EJF by designers such as Luella, Katharine Hamnett, Christian Lacroix, Betty Jackson, and Caramel.

T-shirt designers and suppliers working with EJF use certified authentic organic cotton for all products, which is guaranteed not to come from Uzbekistan. Additionally, all links in the supply chain are independently audited by the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure Fair Labor practices are used throughout the entire production process of these garments.

Therefore, these designers have not only mastered the trends of Spring 09, but have also proven their devotion to sustainability, corporate responsibility and fair trade by working with EJF to defend the environment and human rights.

The “SAVE THE FUTURE” style by Katharine Hamnett is already sold out! So head to the EJF website now to pick our your favorite style before it’s too late!

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